Welcome to Snape Primary SchooL


   On a learning adventure together


We are Snape Primary school; a small but "perfectly formed" village school in beautiful sunny Suffolk

We are a happy school and believe that everybody (children and adults alike) should enjoy every day of precious living and learning together. It is our job to value each child's individuality and help be the best they can be growing into adults. We enable our children to make links with their learning and so we usually have themes to follow. You should be able to see our themes when you step into our classrooms. We also know that we all like learning about different things and that exciting things happen in our village, local community and our world too. 

Snape School are proud of be part of the Kingfisher Schools Trust .

Visit the WEBSITE:  kingfisherschools.co.uk  

for an introduction to the Academy Trust Team, their policies and the 6 other schools making up the Trust.

A small family school BIG on experiences....come and visit us on our learning adventure. Call Mrs. Suzy Drew on 01728 688373 for a tour and to find out more....

Our children step into a learning adventure at Snape. Our team got together and all agreed that our children (and adults) should have:


Here's a little bit about our very special village school. We are SNAPE so we would like Snape children to experience a true community school, being part of all that surrounds us.

Do you know about our special school badge? Find out more here.......

Our school badge is the same as our Snape village sign you can see above. 

The Anglo-Saxon Ship seen in the top left quarter  refers to the Saxon burial-grounds along the Aldeburgh road. As you know there is A LOT of Anglo Saxon history here right on our door step- WOW!

The Monk is there because we used to have a  Benedictine Order in Snape, at the Priory of St. Mary. The remains of this Priory lie under the Chapel Fields and Abbey Farm Barn used to be part of that Priory.

The Bridge shown in the lower-left hand quarter was the old bridge, which was built in 1802 and demolished in 1960.

The Curlew symbolises Benjamin Britten's inspiration drawn from the stunning countryside around the River Alde.

Our Snape Superstar Rules

Children are at the centre of our school-this is THEIR school.We work together to make it the best place to be.

We had a big school meeting and worked together with mixed classes to decide on how we wanted to treat each other. We came up with these rules:

   SNAPE SUPER STAR                  Rules

​At the heart of our community


We might be small (and perfectly formed) but we are part of a much larger community. We are proud to be part of Snape village. When we learn we learn not just with each other but with our community too. We read at coffee mornings, we take part in special services at the Church, we use our amazing surroundings like the woods and we learn from all ages when they visit us or we visit them.