"It's not what happens to you, but how you react to it that matters. " Epictetus


We want to give Snape children the critical thinking and problem-solving skills needed to be able to make positive and informed decisions throughout their lives. Alongside our Snape superstar rules, our 'rights respecting work'  School Parliament and Eco schools , we are supporting our children on their journey to becoming reflective, responsible, articulate, and independent individuals via learning in PSHE/SRE lessons.  Within those sessions, we want to provide a safe space where children can: explore new topics or ideas; make safe and informed choices; learn how to take responsibility for their actions; be respectful of others view and opinions; value difference and develop themselves as the best version of themselves.

Implementation: At Kirkby on Bain Primary School, we follow the 1Decision PSHE/RSE programme, which is a school wide scheme of learning from Early Years Foundation Stage through to Year 6.


We use the One Decision scheme of work to support our PSHE/SRE teaching.  Each unit provides the class with a video scenario where they can take control of the story and decide the ending. Not only do they get to decide the choices that are made by the characters, but they also get to see the consequence that could be faced if a different path was taken. This allows our children to confidently discuss and articulate the impacts that their decisions and the decisions of others may have in life.

The programme is split in to 9 units:

• Keeping/Staying Safe

• Keeping/Staying Healthy

• Feeling and emotions

• Computer Safety

• Growing and Changing

• Being Responsible

• The Working World

• A World without Judgement

• Fire safety (KS1)/First aid (KS2)

We strive to provide our children with learning opportunities across and beyond the curriculum, threading our learning together using our Snape superstar rules, Rights respecting work and our Rainbow values; inclusion, diversity, STEM, creativity, imagination, innovation and ME.

At Snape we think 'more womble' to encourage looking after our planet. We also learn, through forest school, how to tend nature and live more sustainably. Children have a chance to be a forest guardian and represent forest schools to help ensure we are being ECO

Children vote for our School Parliament, learning about British Values-democracy-and how we make decisions as a group. We have a Prime minister and ministers who belong to each ministry:  Learning detectives, Eco, Charities, Sports and Values. Each ministry has an action plan and children work on contributing to the life of the school by working on issues they would like to change and improve for us all.

All children have the chance to go on a week's residential to Aylmerton Outdoor Education Centre, Nofolk. This is all about being a team, developing confidence and self esteem to take steps into the bigger wider world with curiosity and enthusiasm. 



The way children interact with each other, face challenges in school, overcome friendship issues, issues of resilience or confidence is evident 'out and about' inside and out. We don't expect to have school where children don't ever have anything to over come but we aim to help everybody and each other navigate the ups and downs in life without damaging their confidence and self esteem. We want them to make good choices but if they've made a bad one, becuase they human we want chidlren to see how to put that right next time.

We all face failure and struggles-our children leave knowing this is OK, indeed it's fundamental to learning. Snape children hae tolerance and respect for each other whatever our difference views are and understand and strive for equality for all.

Children's views are evidenced through discussion, one to ones and mini check ins using the One Decision mini knowledge organisers as learning 'markers'. This means any difficulties or issues can be addressed at the time, responsive then and there.  Children's books show a range of thoughtful responses, often using drawings.